Landlord Preferred Policy

Your choice on three levels of cover (Traditional, Advantage, or Optimum) developed to protect your income and asset throughout the tenancy.

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Landlord Multiple Policy

Designed for individual tenancies under the one dwelling. Suited to individual accommodation houses where tenant's rent the room, but share common areas.

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Landlord Rental Property Policy

Comprehensive cover for your investment property when combined with either the Landlord Preferred or Landlord Multiple policy.

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Landlord Insurance Specialists

Landlord Insurance is all that we do!

Most other insurers only include landlord insurance as an add-on product, and often the residential property investor does not have the cover they require.

REAL understands the business of residential investment and property management better than most others in the industry and have designed products that protect your income and asset.

By analysing our claims statistics, we have improved our products even further to give a comprehensive cover to protect both assets and income.

The most referred by the industry

We believe that having your property professionally managed and having our comprehensive policies gives a landlord a double layer of protection in case it all goes wrong.

Thousands of Property Managers throughout New Zealand have been referring their clients to our products, making us the most referred landlord insurer in the country.

Our relationships mean that the process of making a claim is less daunting, in fact, we often hold the hand of the property manager throughout the process.

Our motto?  'We love to pay claims!'

Specialist Policies

Our policies have been designed with the Investor in mind.  We've developed and innovated our products after listening to feedback from both Property Managers and Investors and analysing our claims statistics.

We want to help protect you from the risks associated with owning Residential Investment properties.

Our products can and do give you peace of mind, when it all goes wrong!

Make the change today! Don't delay and end up losing thousands of dollars that you may have been protected from with the right cover.