REAL Landlord Insurance New Zealand Ltd’s policies are designed with the specific financial interests of landlords and property managers in mind.

In line with this commitment, our products have been developed in close consultation with the real estate and property management sectors.

All policies are processed using a uniquely tailored software program, which simplifies the exercise of placing insurance cover for clients.

Landlord Insurance Policies

The REAL Landlord Insurance New Zealand Ltd Policies are the most comprehensive landlord insurance scheme in New Zealand, having been specifically designed to provide a full range of cover for landlords.

Their Landlord Preferred Policies stand apart from other standard insurance policies that often do not cover the risks associated with rental properties such as intentional damage or theft by tenants and their guests.

Under the our Landlord Preferred policies, landlords are covered against:

  • loss of rent as a result of various tenants’ actions
  • intentional damage and theft to their building (limited cover up to $35,000 maximum depending on cover taken)
    (or combined with the Building/Dwelling policies owners have enhanced cover up to $60,000)
  • loss or damage to the contents of their premises (limited cover up to $50,000 maximum depending on cover taken) including accidental damage
  • legal liabilities for occurrences on their property causing death or bodily injury to other people, or damage to other people’s property up to $2 million.