#1 What does the policy cover? 
Loss of rent, Intentional Damage, theft, contents and Legal liability – Refer to The REAL Landlord Preferred Policy Wording V2 2020 wording for more details.

#2 When is the right time to start cover?
Immediately if the property is vacant and being advertised for rent. Alternatively at the beginning of a new tenancy.

#3 The tenant has been in rent arrears, can cover be placed?
Yes, you can place cover but this policy works on the premise that more than 10 days late constitutes arrears. If the tenant has been 10 days late or more the cover will exclude Intentional Damage and Loss of Rent. If rent is then paid on time for two consecutive months full cover is reinstated.

#4 Can the premium be paid monthly?
Yes, you may pay monthly by Direct Debit or annually. contact us to find out more.

#5 What is the excess?
Intentional Damage: $500.00 per claim
Loss of Rent: 50% of One weeks rent or $250 whichever is the higher
Other: $250.00
Methamphetamine Contamination $750.00

#6 What if the landlord moves in, must the policy be cancelled?
Yes, the cover is no longer valid when the landlord takes possession of the property. Please advise us in writing.

#7 What if the landlords family moves in? Does the policy cover if the family member defaults?
No, the cover is not valid for members of the landlords family. The policy should be cancelled. Download a Cancellation_of_Cover_form

#8 Is there a discount for landlords with more than one property?
Landlords who insure more than one Building with us may be entitled to a discount. There is no discount for the Landlord Preferred Policies

#9 Is the policy transferable between Approved Property Management Companies?
Yes, if it’s the same owner and property and if the new company is an Approved Property Management Company. The Transfer Form must be completed and faxed or emailed to us. We will transfer the cover and advise the new property manager.

#10 Is a court order required for every claim?
No, only when claiming the Defaulting Tenant benefit of a maximum 16 weeks loss of rent – we require a conditional order or tenancy order of possession. We would also require a copy of the court/tribunal order for a hardship claim.

#11 Only loss of rent and Intentional Damage cover is required, can the policy be taken without the legal liability and contents?
No, the policy has been designed to cover the insurance needs of landlords and is only available as a complete policy.

#12 Does the Landlord Preferred Policy cover the building?
Only for Intentional Damage and Theft by the tenant or their invitees. The landlord must have a building insurance policy as well.

#13 Can the Landlord Preferred Policy be placed on a holiday home?
No, the policy is only available to permanently leased properties that fall within the boundaries of the Residential Tenancies Act, 1996 and amendments.

#14 A property has been intentionally damaged, can repairs be started immediately?
Secure the property immediately if required. If the estimated cost of repairs exceeds $5,000 contact us to arrange a loss adjustor to inspect the property before repairs commence.

#15 Do you require changes to or cancellation of the policy in writing?
Yes, faxed or e-mailed instructions are acceptable. Cancellation of Cover Form.

#16 What are contents?
Contents are non “fixed” items such as light fittings, curtains, carpets and blinds. Any household goods or appliances left specifically for the tenants use. Above ground swimming pools or portable spas.

#17 Furniture is stored in the landlords shed and isn’t available for the tenant to use. Is this covered?
No, we recommend professional storage.

#18 Is Public Liability covered?
Under our Landlords Liability we cover up to $2 Million for some events.

#19 The tenant is on a periodic lease. Does this affect the cover?
Yes, you can only claim what the tenant is legally liable for, i.e. rent arrears to vacate plus the notice period they should have given as per the Residential Tenancies Act, 1996 and amendments.

#20 The tenant absconded – are the re-letting expenses covered?
No, the policy only covers loss of rent. Use the bond to cover the re-letting expenses.

#21 The sole tenant died – is there any loss of rent cover?
Yes, maximum claimable 8 weeks.

#22 When can loss of rent be claimed to?
Until the property is re-let or the lease expired or the property is removed from the rental market or no attempt is being made to relet the property, which ever comes first subject to the policy limits.

#23 Is Accidental Damage covered?
Yes, to contents only by any of the insured events.

#24 Is Earthquake damage covered?
We include Earthquake cover for contents only – that have suffered damage or loss due to Earthquake.

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