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Forms to download

REAL application form or you can fill in the Online Application

 REAL Landlord Brochure

 Company Bank Information Form

 Cancellation of cover or Transfer Cover to Approved PM Company form

REAL Landlord Preferred Policy Wording V2 2020


 Claim form – All types of Loss including Loss of Rent – Building – Contents

 Claim for Water/Storm Damage only to contents 

 Claim scenarios


The following word files are available for you to download, merge with your database and  or print on your own letterhead:

Risk Management Letter 2018

Risk Management Follow up Letter 2018


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Protect your landlords. Protect yourself.

At Real Landlord Insurance Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing a superior insurance product to landlords.  In addition to the advantage this product provides as a listing tool to secure new managements, it is also a powerful risk management aid.

A significant percentage of all professional indemnity claims relate to the property management industry. If a tenant makes a claim against a landlord who doesn’t have insurance, the tenant’s lawyer will find someone else to be involved in the claim. More often than not, the next person in the firing line is the Property Manager. In the case of permanent disability, or even death, this could amount to millions of dollars in compensation.

It is now expected that a landlord will delegate their duty of care to the Property Manager under the management agreement.  More frequently, courts are saying that when landlords sign agreements to have their property managed by a professional, they are delegating their duty of care for that property to the Property Manager. The only way Property Managers can adequately protect themselves and the agency they work for, against legal liability claims, is to take preventative measures.

If landlords don’t have building insurance, they don’t have liability cover.

From a Property Manager’s perspective, landlord insurance is as much about protecting yourself as it is your landlords. If a tenant stops paying rent it’s not only the landlord that incurs a financial loss. No rent means no commission for your office.

When something goes wrong wouldn’t it be a far easier telephone call to the landlord if you could say, “but, that’s why you have insurance”!